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Handling a CCL Injury in a Dog

Dogs are just like humans in so many ways. And the concept of a leg injury is just as likely with a dog as it is with a human. In fact, we would say that bigger dogs have an increased chance of getting hurt. The thing about big dogs is that they do not always realize how big they are. And that can result in your dog trying some things that should not be happening. Perhaps your dog jumped from too big a height, or just got hurt by awkwardly falling on something. These things can happen.

Sometimes the injury is not too bad, and you just need a little bit of a recovery period and rest for your dog. But there are also cases where the cranial cruciate ligament gets hurt. When you have an injury to the CCL, it is a major issue. Similar to ACL and MCL injuries in humans, the CCL injury in a dog is a big deal. It is the type of injury that if not treated right, could result in your dog having permanent issues with walking and running. That is why you need the right treatment.

When you are talking with a vet about the treatment options, you will hear two things. You can either go with surgery, or you can choose to go with a dog CCL brace. If you are truly serious about ensuring that your dog is safe, and that you are not doing anything too drastic, we suggest that you go with the dog CCL brace. You may think that we are being conservative in our assessment, but we can tell you exactly why we believe that a brace is the better option.

Not only are the braces way cheaper, as compared to going ahead and paying thousands of dollars for surgery, but the recovery time is much less. There are documented results where dogs have recovered faster with CCL braces, as compared to CCL surgery. And surgery is not even a permanent cure. There are so many cases where a dog reinjures the same leg, or has the same injury in the other leg, after surgery. Is that what we want to happen when we have spent so much money on a tough surgery? It is not the result I would want, which is why I believe that the braces are a much better option.

dog CCL brace

There is no reason to put your dog through a mad surgery. You may think that it makes sense, but we are not of that belief. The braces work very well. They ensure that your dog has the right posture in the leg, and they also ensure that your dog’s knee is receiving the protection and support that is needed. It will take your dog some time to get used to the injury, and the fact they have to wear a brace, but dogs are resilient. Your dog will get over it and will be back to his or her normal self soon enough!