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Making my channel successful

I had a YouTube channel for years but never really paid a whole lot of attention to it.  I would generally just post vlog rants about different things I was interested in like music or video games.  While I always thought that my videos were pretty good, they never really got a whole lot of attention, but I did not really think anything of it.  For me, posting YouTube videos was really just a hobby and something that I enjoyed doing, but I never really believed that I would get famous off of it or be able to make very much money.  That was until I was talking to a friend of mine one day and he was telling me that he had figured out ways to earn a pretty good income simply by making YouTube videos.  He told me that the very first thing that he did was to buy YouTube views for his channel in order to get his video view numbers up into the thousands.  After that, he was able to find his target audience, market himself to them, and earn great money a number of different ways.

    First of all, he gets a little bit of money every time someone watches his videos because of the fact that YouTube has placed ads at the beginning of them.  Once YouTube is able to generate a certain amount of revenue through the ads that they have placed on one of his videos, they will begin to pay him some of that money.  This seems simple enough, but I was still not convinced that simply going on the internet to buy YouTube views would be enough to generate the revenue I needed in order to quit my day job.  That was when he told me about the many other ways that he goes about using his content in order to make some money.  Buying YouTube views was just something he did in order to grow his audience; once his audience got big enough, making money off of his videos became a whole lot easier.

buy YouTube views

    Because he had become rather popular and had a few thousand subscribers, he was then able to set up a website for people to give him donations to help him to continue making his videos.  This is where the real money came for him, as people who enjoy what you do and enjoy watching the videos on your channel will generally be willing to throw you some money so that you can keep making the content that they enjoy.  Obviously, the more subscribers you have, the more donations you will receive, and so the first step to doing this is making sure that your videos are getting a lot of views.

    I went ahead and took my friend’s advice and bought some views for my videos.  My channel is beginning to grow, and I am hoping that I will soon be able to earn enough from my channel to quit my job.